Mission and Vision

Barbara and I have been friends and accountability partners for over six years. We met online in a Mastermind Directors training class and decided to be buddies for the process. The class ended long ago, but our commitment to being friend, sounding board, and champion for one another is far from over!

We have shared ups and downs and lots of wisdom during our six years of Thursday morning calls – one hour, every Thursday (even Thanksgiving day). One day in August of 2015, we decided to hatch something new together … why not? After all, Barbara is a life and balance coach and I’m a marketer and multi-passionate creative with a new idea every seven minutes.

We knew we could count on combining our talents, energy and creativity for a new and exciting project that would help others.

The big idea behind Coloring Journals for Healthy Living is simple: create opportunities for people to engage in a fun and fulfilling craft-like pastime that adds value to their lives. Coloring is good for what ails you … coloring can put you in a state of mind where magic happens … coloring can release creative engines that propel you to solve problems and dream bigger dreams.

The first book we published, Heart’s Desire, is a coloring journal calendar with room for listing what you want more of and your “watchword of the month.” We then rolled out the Recipes for Living Coloring Journal Series and some other delightful specialty coloring journals ~ we love this stuff!

Our mission is to create coloring journals that invite healing and breakthroughs, fun and creativity, relaxation and mindfulness.

Let’s  color our way to a better world, shall we?



Deborah Brown, Co-founder

Coloring Journals for Healthy Living

“Let’s all color our way to a better world!”