Coloring Journals for Healthy Living is proud to announce our newest book series – RECIPES FOR LIVING!

The first 3 Volumes of Recipes for Living are available at Amazon – with more to come in 2017.

Each Volume offers chapters by experts in Body, Mind, Spirit or Planet Wellness — the authors in Volumes 1 and 2 are all members of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (a growing international trade organization of holistic professionals, practitioners and resources).   Volume 3 shares chapters from 8 Wellness Practitioners based in Southern California.

Each Recipes for Living Coloring Journal includes chapters with inspiring information, personal experiences and tips from our Wellness Experts, plus Journaling pages (based on the theme of the chapter) and exclusive COLORING PAGES (designed by Deborah Louise Brown). Each expert has also provided a “recipe for living” — a tip list, guided meditation or other activity related to their chapter which readers can use right away!

We hope you will use our “cookbooks for living” to create more Body, Mind, Spirit and Planet Wellness in your life in 2017!

Example of coloring page from Bette Steflik’s chapter in Volume 1 on Feng Shui Bedroom Design for Peace and Harmony: