ColorUsCreative-SoCal Meetup If you’re in Southern California and want to find some ongoing coloring groups or one-time coloring events, check out our Color Us Creative SoCal Meetup!

If you have a coloring group or event in Southern California that is open to the public and you’d like to promote it at no cost, email Barbara at with your name, phone # and location, and she’ll call you to get the details.  Then she’ll add it to ColorUsCreative-SoCal Meetup to let coloring enthusiasts know.

Many local libraries, community centers, senior centers and bookstores regularly or occasionally host coloring groups or events.  Check out your local library’s website to see if they have an Adult Coloring Group you can attend — or suggest they start one!

FYI — August 2nd is the 3rd annual National Coloring Book Day — a great time to bring friends together to color!

If you want to host a coloring party for your group or your friends and family in SoCal or North Phoenix AZ, Barbara or Deborah will be delighted to co-host it with you on request — you provide the place, people and snacks; we bring coloring pages to share (from our Coloring Journals for Healthy Living portfolio and books) plus pencils and crayons for attendees to use if they don’t bring their own favorites.

To request and schedule a co-hosted coloring party or event, call Barbara at 818-415-3479 or email us via our Contact Form at this website or direct-email to Include your name and phone number in the email so Barb or Deb can contact you directly (Barbara = Southern California; Deborah = North Phoenix AZ area).

But if you’re not near either of us and want to host a coloring party or event yourself (or with a local friend) and need tips and tools to get started — also email or call.  We’ll schedule a phone meeting with you (at no cost) to share what we’ve learned from co-hosting coloring events — what works best, what doesn’t, and how to plan/produce your event.

We’re creating an ebook on this — coming soon! — and eager to help you share the joy of coloring!