If you like to color — for fun, mindfulness, therapy &/or as a group social activity — your inventory of coloring pages, coloring tools and coloring books can’t help but keep growing.  As soon as you finish one coloring page or book, it’s time for another, right?  When you’ve worn your favorite coloring pencils down to their nubs, it’s time for a new set.

Here’s some good resources about coloring — in addition to those listed under our “Resources” tab — to help you learn about coloring techniques (like shading and blending — say what?!) and fun ways you can use your colored-in pages.  Also books and articles to help you truly appreciate why coloring’s not “just for kids” (and never was) — or at least explain your obsession to your not-yet-coloring-addicted friends and family members:

CleverPedia – Coloring Tutorials article – CleverPedia is a great site created and curated by Adrienne whose “addiction” to all things coloring surpasses ours!  She writes terrific blogs and posts that give us great ideas on new ways to color or use what we’ve colored so we don’t have to figure them out on our own.  Check out her terrific giveaways — hope you win one!

The Psychology of Adult Coloring by Blake LeVine, MSW – Available at Amazon, this book is one of our favorites about coloring as both a therapeutic and creative endeavor.

Coloring Books for Adults:  8 Science-Backed Reasons to Pick Up Your Crayons (article) by Daryl Chen – this Reader’s Digest article confirms what we of course already know — coloring is not just a mindless or time-wasting activity!  it actually tunes up our brains (to keep aging brains young and neuro-plastic), stimulates creativity and brainstorming skills, and reduces stress and anxiety (which is why it’s prescribed for both PTSD and mindfulness).   

Keep calm and color on!