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Recipes for Living Coloring Journals?
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“Is your Life a banquet of experiences? Taste them all to discover the treats that stimulate your mind, satisfy your heart and feed your soul.”

~ Barbara Schiffman & Deborah Louise Brown


We’ve created this series of Recipes for Living transformational coloring journals to share the knowledge and inspiration of experts in Body, Mind, Spirit, Business and Planet Wellness. Each unique edition offers a smorgasbord of useful tools, practical tips and uplifting advice along with our exclusive coloring pages.

In this curated collection, we proudly present the expertise of wellness experts.

Recipes for Living books are edited by Barbara Schiffman and Deborah Louise Brown, and designed and illustrated by Deborah Louise Brown.

The enlivening essays, insightful journaling prompts and invigorating exercises from our wellness experts infuse this multi-media “life cookbook” with a full spectrum of creative opportunities designed to stimulate brain balance ~ visual (seeing, reading), auditory (listening), kinesthetic (coloring, writing), left brain (listing, planning, journaling), right brain (coloring, doodling, visualizing).

We invite you to enjoy the feast!

Recipes for Living Volume 1 (HCC Edition):

  • Feng Shui Bedroom Design for Peace and Harmony by Bette Steflik
  • Revealing the Hidden Guidance in Dreams by Debbie Spector Weisman
  • Primal Movement for Vital Health by Hamad Shirazi
  • Finding Your Essence Through Art by Karen Sachs
  • Natural Healing Approaches for Inflammation by Linda Orr Easthouse, MA
  • Sound Healing with Your Voice by Lynne Grobsky
  • Understanding the Aura as a Healing Tool by Nand Harjani
  • Soul Energy Healing by Wing Piderman, CAIEHP

Recipes for Living Volume 3:

  • Communicating with Compassion by Brenda Laue, D.C.
  • Space Clearing for Positive Energy and Protection by Christina Ng, RN, BSN, IET
  • Intuitive Parenting by Rev. Cynthia Martin, CRMT, CCH
  • Living Your Life by Design by Dr. Jean Maddox
  • From Fear to Fulfillment by Max Wellspring
  • Revealing the Hidden Guidance in Dreams by Debbie Spector Weisman
  • Finding Your Essence Through Art by Karen Sachs
  • Stress Release by Barbara Schiffman, C.Ht.


Recipes for Living Volume 2 (HCC Edition):

  • Build Emotional Strength with Neuro-Linguistic Tools and Essential Oilsby Michelle Fetters
  • Finding Inner Peace with Sacred Geometryby Jiayuh Chyan
  • Understanding Inflammation and Painby Dr. Dominique Lafleur
  • Elements of Healthy Livingby Christelle Chopard
  • The Transformational Power of Healthy Sleepby Angie Trussell, BSN, RN
  • The Exhilaration Effect: The Art and Science of Creating Courageby Camille Leon
  • Crafting Your Legacy: Who You’re Being vs. What You’re Doingby Barbara Schiffman, C.Ht.